Leveraging GA4 for Deeper Insights and Optimisation

Tactical Steps to Meaningfully Execute Experimentation Campaigns

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Another analytics phase is approaching, but is your company prepared to tackle the challenge head-on? 


Harnessing the potential of GA4 for advanced optimisation and A/B testing may appear complex, but trust us, it is not. With a well-thought-out approach, you can piece together the puzzle’s many components to achieve a comprehensive data view that provides real-time insights.


Our latest collaboration with Yoghurt Digital sheds light on optimisation fundamentals that are relevant to this day, along with a case study that reflects the execution of meaningful A/B testing with GA4. 

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Marc Sandifer
The VWO tool in itself was very conducive to collaboration. Persistent guidance and brainstorming by the VWO account management team was instrumental in tying up loose ends.
Marc Sandifer
Senior Product Manager, Contorion

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