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Optimization in Marketing

Beyond ICE Framework: Mastering Hypothesis Prioritization

Duration: 30 minutes


Ana Catarina

Ana Catarina

Web Analytics & Optimization Manager

Dell Technologies

An optimization manager with over 8 years of expertise in conducting online A/B testing, developing and optimizing eCommerce strategies, and implementing conversion rate optimization methodologies to drive revenue growth.

About The Session

One of the most difficult parts of a CRO/experimentation process is selecting what to test first. Among all the ideas, discoveries, and insights that CRO professionals collect all the time, how can one know what hypothesis is worth testing?

Especially if you don’t have many resources, such as developers and designers, you have to be very careful with what to test and when to test.

There are hundreds of frameworks to be used today, but don’t feel too attached to them. In this session, Ana will share practical techniques and strategies for hypotheses prioritization, helping you to choose the best ones that will lead your website to the next level.


  • Tips for identifying ideas/hypotheses with the potential to change the game
  • Working with fewer resources and different types of validation
  • Understanding the limitations of traditional frameworks

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