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CodaLift LLC Drives Revenue Growth By Testing Pricing Page CTAs

38% Revenue

About CodaLift LLC

CodaLift LLC is a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) agency based in San Mateo, California. Led by Gary Marx, the agency thoroughly analyzes each client’s unique operations and delivers customized testing solutions to enhance key metrics such as average order value (AOV), customer acquisition cost (CAC), conversion rate (CVR), and more.


VWO worked PERFECTLY. It enabled us to make all the changes we wanted rapidly, prove the value of our tests, and grow our client’s sitewide conversion by over 30% in a matter of months. We could not have achieved such growth without VWO.

Gary Marx

Gary Marx

Founder & CEO
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The agency wanted to run conversion rate optimization campaigns for Planoly, a software company based in Texas. It recognized the need to enhance the performance of its pricing page CTAs (Call-to-Actions) to generate more clicks. Additionally, the aim was to boost the number of sign-ups for the paid trials from their registration page.


The team at the agency used VWO Insights to understand user behavior on the pricing page and registration page of Planoly, which led to some interesting insights.

The heatmap analysis identified that many users on the pricing page clicked on the “Pricing” tab in the navigation bar. Also, there was a 33% exit rate on the pricing page. While on the registration page, one in every four users clicked on the login button instead of the sign-up. 



The observations led to two separate hypotheses for the pricing page and the registration page. 

For the pricing page, the hypothesis was to expect an uplift in the conversion rate of CTAs by improving page designs and showcasing the benefits of the pricing plans. 

For the registration page, the hypothesis was to add testimonials along with achievements and remove undesired CTAs, anticipating an increase in sign-ups.


Tests run

Based on the hypothesis, the team at the agency conducted an A/B test on the pricing page and the registration page.

Pricing page

The control featured three pricing columns: Starter, Growth, and Professional, displaying discounted pricing and monthly savings in dollars. All the plans had CTAs with the same style.

The variation also had three columns, but the page was redesigned to include a contrasting color, a different CTA style for the Growth plan, a heading emphasizing pricing plan benefits, and a discount on the annual plan with savings stated in dollars per year.

Planoly Case Study (1)

The test concluded with the variation outperforming the control. The variation showed improvements in CTA clicks for the Starter plan (16%), the Growth plan (20%), and the Professional plan (74%). It also resulted in a 38% increase in revenue and a 24% increase in average order value. 

Registration page

The control had a simple three-field sign-up form with two CTAs one for signing up and the other for logging in. While the variation had a single sign-up CTA, along with badges displaying achievements and a testimonial.

Planoly Case Study 1 (1)

The test ended with the variation outperforming the control. It resulted in a 17% increase in the number of paid clients, a 10% rise in the number of visitors on the billing step, and a projected 15% increase in revenue. Here is the report from the VWO dashboard:



The agency started by using VWO Insights to understand the existing user experience. It helped create a hypothesis, which the team tested using VWO Testing – Web. As a result, the agency significantly improved key metrics for Planoly and helped it achieve its business goals.

Take a 30-day all-inclusive free trial of VWO to experience the comprehensive capabilities and to understand how you can easily run tests to achieve your business goals. 

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Experiment goals

Improve number of clicks and sign-ups


38% increase in Revenue

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