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Human Interest used zero-latency server-side testing to improve conversions on lead forms

75.84% Conversion

About Human Interest

Based in San Francisco, Human Interest is assisting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in offering affordable and high-quality 401(k) plans to their employees.

The company is committed to solving America’s retirement crisis and aims to reach more SMBs to help them create a happy post-retirement life for their employees. The CRO team at Human Interest, consisting of the Vice President – Growth, Growth Product Manager, and Digital Marketing Manager, is responsible for improving the user experience and conversions on their website.

We recently discussed this team’s experience with VWO and the results they achieved.


The Human Interest team was looking for a server-side experimentation platform offering a smooth and easy-to-use integration with Contentful, which they found with VWO. 

With the VWO-Contentful native integration, Human Interest could create different versions of content in Contentful and A/B test them using VWO. Secondly, this integration reduced the marketing team’s high dependency on engineering resources for running experiments.


“The VWO-Contentful Integration was the biggest feature that appealed to us. We previously used engineering resources to launch every server-side A/B test. Given our team’s large ambitions and limited engineering resources, we could only launch ~1 test every 14-20 days. With the VWO-Contentful integration, we removed the engineering dependency for setting up and launching front-end experiments.”

Nijanth Velmanikandan

Nijanth Velmanikandan

Growth Product Manager at Human Interest
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The team at Human Interest built many landing pages for their paid campaigns on Contentful and wanted to explore ways to increase these pages’ conversion. Here, the conversion was a lead contacting the sales team. Their idea was to experiment with the landing page structure to improve the number of sales calls scheduled via the contact form.



The team at Human Interest believed that embedding the contact form directly on the masthead of their campaign page would make it easier for a visitor to get in touch with the sales team. They wanted to test this against having a CTA button to send a visitor to their lead form.

Tests run

The team uses VWO FullStack to run server-side experiments. The reason for choosing VWO FullStack was its low latency experience and its native integration with Contentful CMS. ​​With VWO’s server-side capabilities, the experiment is unnoticeable to the website visitor and has minimal impact on page load time.

This is how the Human Interest team step up their test:

They created the variation in Contentful – a CMS they are already familiar with. This variation included the contact form above the fold of the landing page. 

The original page (control) with the CTA to the contact form along with the variation then simply had to be linked to the VWO app. Linking VWO with Contentful is native and once the integration is enabled, the landing pages can be connected to the VWO campaign in Contentful’s interface. The team then set up the test on VWO using the landing pages from Contentful with the targeting conditions on VWO. 

Due to the integration, the A/B testing campaign was fetched from VWO and the traffic allocation for the two versions was also visible in Contentful. The test was then launched without any context-switching between platforms.


Here’s how the control and variation looked:

Human Interest (2)

Here, the primary goal was tracking the number of form submissions. The secondary goal was the number of calls scheduled by the prospective leads with the sales team at Human Interest.

The test results validated the hypothesis that was put forward. For the primary goal, the variation had an expected conversion rate of 3.77%, which was 75.84% more than the control’s conversion rate.

Screenshot 2022 11 22 At 10 54 12 Am (1)

The secondary goal also saw an uplift in the variation. The expected conversion rate for the secondary goal was 2.05%, a massive improvement of 84.43% from the baseline.

Screenshot 2022 11 22 At 10 54 29 Am (1)

With the native integration of VWO with Contentful, it only took a few clicks in Contentful to publish the winning variation. 


The confidence achieved from this one experiment catapulted the Human Interest team’s experimentation journey and they replicated the winning experience on other landing pages too.

Before partnering with VWO, the team could run 1-2 tests per quarter, but post-VWO adoption they are on track to run 15 tests in a quarter. The increase in testing velocity is sure to bring more positive results for Human Interest. 

VWO Fullstack is a complete server-side optimization solution that runs omnichannel experimentation and allows complex testing at various stages of product development. Request a demo to leverage the power of VWO to improve conversion and achieve your desired business goals.

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San Francisco



Experiment goals

Improve conversion on paid landing pages


75.84% increase in Conversion

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