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Web Push Notification ROI Calculator

Enter your website traffic details and find out how much more revenue you can make using Web Push Notifications.

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more monthly revenue attributed to Browser Push Notifications.

This output is calculated assuming values for notification delivery rate, click through rate, and frequency of notifications sent in a month. The result varies for different industries. The output also assumes the standard eCommerce conversion rate of 3%.


more returning visitors every month from Browser Push Notifications

This output is calculated using pan-industry averages for notification delivery rate, click through rate, and frequency of notifications sent in a month. Your actual result may slightly vary based on your domain.

Web Push Return on Investment (ROI)

Web push ROI is the measure of performance of an investment made in web push notifications to retarget site visitors. Web push notifications act as an effective communication channel for:

  • re-engaging prospects, who have shown interest in your business in the past but did not convert.
  • existing or recurring customers to up-sell, cross-sell, or even for user engagement.

Push notifications offer higher reach than email for businesses and offer a greater or equal return on investment. In addition, the cost per click-through of email is higher than that of web push notifications as its CTR also stands at par as compared to email.

How is Web Push ROI calculated?

The ROI of Web Push Notification is calculated as a product of the below-mentioned metrics:

  • Unique visitors: Count of average monthly unique visitors.
  • Opt-in rate: Percentage of subscribers opted-in.
  • Delivery rate: The ratio of impressions and successfully delivered messages to total number of messages sent (assuming subscribers are online to receive a message).
  • CTR: Percentage of the measure of clicks per delivered messages (assuming all clicks result in a session).Number of notifications: Monthly number of notifications you want to push.
  • Average order value (eCommerce): The average total of every order placed over a defined period of time.
  • Average monthly sessions (Publishers): The average amount of time a visitor spends on website in a month.
  • Conversion rate: Industry standard (2-3%).

Why should you measure ROI of Web Push Notifications?

As a web marketer, you should know where to invest your resources while designing your communication strategy. Web push notifications can save you money as compared to mobile app push notifications, where designing is an expensive process. Therefore, it’s imperative to know the measure of your ROI from different channels to invest wisely.

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