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Run Data-driven Experiments To Grow Your Media Business

Human attention is scarce; and everyone's out to grab it. Use A/B testing to figure out how to keep your readers and viewers hooked to your media.

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Deliver Memorable Experiences Across All Your Media Properties

No holds barred, data-driven optimization

A/B Test To Uncover What’s Trending

Understand your audience preferences with ease

Success in the media business comes from being the first to figure out what clicks with the audience. Testing helps you achieve it, time and again.

Test beyond the usual to make your brand stand out

From testing different variations of articles' headline, to testing different offers, packages and messaging, A/B testing ensures your win in this competitive landscape.

See how A/B testing works

Figure Out How Your Audiences Consume Content

Step directly into your audiences' shoes

Use heatmaps, session recordings, funnels and more to get a first-hand user experience of your digital properties.

Let them tell you what they like

Leverage on-page surveys to gather feedback, opinion, and preferences from your viewers and readers.

Learn how you can conduct qualitative research using VWO

Run High-Stakes Experiments Without Impacting Performance

Go deep within your media stack

High-impact results call for high-stakes experimentation. To run tests that go deep within your media stack with minimal impact on performance, implement tests using the server-side approach.

Test anything, with confidence

Experiment with paywalls, subscription flows, content recommendation algorithm, personalization engine, or anything else - the world is your oyster.

Read more about Server-Side testing

Engage Your Audience At Every Micro-Moment

Reach out with a purpose

Use new-age marketing channels such as Push Notifications to deliver news, promote offers, drive readership of premium content, and more.

Tell me more about audience engagement

Quickly deploy customizable widgets on the fly

Got to break the news, share important messages, or update time-sensitive information? Take control and quickly make changes without involving IT.

See how you can add pop-ups and modals

We understand what makes a media business successful

Here's how VWO empowers you to thrive in this competitive landscape

Simplify your subscription flow to boost acquisition

Identify the points of friction in your subscription flow and fix them to provide a seamless subscription flow to your audience.

Optimize paywall access and perfect content gating

Keep readers invested by figuring out the optimal amount of pages viewed, articles read, videos watched, and more before triggering a paywall.

Maximize on-site ad revenue by testing banner placement

The criticality of on-site ad revenue for your media business can't be overstated. Test the look-and-feel, positioning, size of your ad banners to see what works best.

Offer content personalization and recommendations

Have multiple algorithms you'd like to try? Server-side testing allows you to test any number of search, recommendation, personalization or other algos for efficacy and performance.

Drive repeat viewer/reader traffic to your properties

Promote your new content to your past readers and viewers by sending them instantly clickable notifications on their mobile and desktop browsers.

Success Story

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BluTV Uses VWO To Increase Subscription Trials For Mobile Visitors By 42%

BluTV is Turkey’s leading subscription-based, over-the-top (OTT) video-on-demand service. Founded in 2015, BluTV offers a wide range of content, including award-winning original shows and movies. We spoke to Mustafa Esad Tatlipinar, who works as an Optimization Manager at Hype, a performance marketing agency that BluTV hired for conversion optimization.

Their primary objective was to convert more of BluTV's visitors to sign up for a 7-day free trial

Conducted quantitative and qualitative visitor research to gather actionable insights

  • Website analytics revealed that the conversion rate for mobile users was significantly lower compared to BluTV's mean conversion rate.
  • Visitor behavior analytics helped in concluding that BluTV’s existing mobile home page is more focused on serving its active users and less on new visitors.
penn foster conversion rate vs industry benchmark

Based on these insights, they decided to completely revamp BluTV's mobile home page

  • Removed all the distractions in the header section, keeping only the logo and sign-in link. Also included BluTV’s main value prop, pricing info, and used animated scrolling.
  • Promoted some of the most popular content available in BluTV’s library for the next section.
  • Added an FAQs section at the end to address common concerns and queries from different types of visitors.
a/b testing on paid traffic

Ran an A/B test for the new home page against the existing version

  • The test was run for a duration of 19 days and included 89k visitors. The alternative variation ideated upon by Mustafa's team turned out to be the winner, and increased the conversion rate for BluTV's mobile visitors by over 42%.
penn foster conversion rate vs industry benchmark
Mustafa Esad Tatlipinar Levitan VWO Customer
BluTV has many optimization opportunities with its OTT business model. We have been working with BluTV’s wonderful product, marketing and UX teams for their optimization needs for a long time. In our optimization process VWO has been our key tool to drive BluTV’s main goals. Thanks to its easy to use and powerful features, we increased mobile membership trial conversion rate by more than 40%.
Mustafa Esad Tatlipinar
Optimization Manager
(On behalf of BluTV)
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Here's what makes VWO the right conversion optimization platform for your media brand

comparison of support metrics between VWO and industry benchmarks

Award-winning 24x7 support to help you expedite your digital optimization journey

Enjoy dedicated year-round support from technical experts who will help troubleshoot all roadblocks.

Learn more
illustration of multiple tools in a single platform

World’s only connected platform of conversion products for optimizing online experiences

Ensure consistent definition for your data across the entire platform and forget juggling between multiple disconnected tools for your media properties.

Learn more
use VWO Plan to gather testing ideas for your ecommerce store

Empowering your entire team to collaborate, analyze insights & collate testing ideas

Your entire team gets to contribute insights to a central repository, helping you develop better experimentation ideas. What's more? Track them all the way up to completion.

Learn more

Your entire org's concerns about ever using an optimization tool, thoroughly addressed

How do you ensure the code doesn't slow down my website?

VWO SmartCode has been thoughtfully crafted and drastically evolved over the years. With just one asynchronous code to run all of our capabilities, it loads in parallel with your website, thereby reducing the page load time during any campaign.

You can be rest assured that even with high load, your website speed will have zero impact while loading ensuring a delightful experience for your users, each time.

Learn more about zero-impact loading
effect of VWO asynchronus code on your ecommerce store

Will VWO connect with my existing tools and systems?

VWO provides hassle free integration with your existing tech stack. You can choose to use an available out of the box integration with leading web analytics, eCommerce, CMS, Sales intelligence, and ABM platforms among others, or simply build your own integration by using the VWO Rest API.

Integrating VWO with a third-party tool allows you to push your VWO test data into the external tool, and also allows the data made available by these tools to target testing campaigns on your properties.

See all available integrations
integration of VWO with other tools

I'm not sure if I can trust another tool with my web properties' data, anyway you can reassure me?

We understand the importance of data in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape and its significance to our customers’ operations and thus, keeping it confidential and compliant is paramount to us.

At VWO, security is top priority, and is at the heart of how we build our products, policies and processes with the aim to provide high resilience against data security threats.

Learn more about VWO's data security and compliance
data security and privacy practices in VWO platform

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